Veteran Aid & Attendance program

Veteran’s Benefit That Pays For Residential Assisted Living.


The Veterans Aid and Attendance Program is a crucial initiative that recognizes the sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans and provides them with essential assistance for their healthcare needs. This program offers financial aid to eligible veterans and their surviving spouses, ensuring they receive the support necessary to live a comfortable and dignified life.

Supporting Our Heros

The Aid and Attendance Program was established by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide additional financial assistance to veterans who require aid with daily activities or have medical conditions that necessitate ongoing care. Eligible veterans and surviving spouses may qualify for monthly benefits that can be used to cover the costs of in-home care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or medical expenses. This program plays a vital role in helping our veterans maintain their independence and access the care they deserve.

Eligibility and Benefits

To qualify for the Aid and Attendance Program, veterans must meet specific criteria, including having served at least 90 days of active duty with at least one day during wartime. Veterans must also require the aid of another person for everyday activities or reside in a nursing home due to physical or mental limitations. Surviving spouses may also be eligible if they meet certain criteria. The program provides tax-free monetary benefits ranging from a few hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars per month, depending on individual circumstances.

Application Process and Impact

Applying for the Aid and Attendance Program requires submitting a comprehensive application to the VA, including documentation of medical expenses, income, and service history. Once approved, veterans and their spouses receive financial assistance that can alleviate the burden of healthcare costs and improve their quality of life. This program has a profound impact, ensuring that our veterans receive the support and care they need and deserve.


The Veterans Aid and Attendance Program stands as a testament to our nation’s commitment to honor and care for those who have served. By providing financial aid to eligible veterans and their surviving spouses, this program helps bridge the gap between healthcare costs and limited resources, ensuring that our heroes receive the assistance necessary to live with dignity and comfort.

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